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Before ordering:

What's Up's Cupcakes / What's Up Cupcake's are baked in a residential kitchen which has been licensed and inspected by the Board of Health and has a Serv Safe and Allergen Certification.

**Our cupcakes are cooked with known food allergens including but not limited to: eggs, dairy, nuts, wheat, and soy**

Please note that our cupcakes are baked fresh for every order and do not contain any preservatives. This makes them the best when they are eaten within 24 hours of purchase. Therefore there is a minimum of 6 cupcakes of the same flavor per order.

Orders are a request. All requests will be responded to in a timely manner from time of request. (For up to 2 dozen or less please allow a minimum of 24-36 hours notice. Orders requiring 2 dozen or more please call 508-345-7577)

Delivery is available for orders 2 dozen or more withing a 20 mile radius of 90 Elm St. Swansea, MA. Fee will vary by location.

Pickups and Deliveries are available Monday-Friday after 4:00pm.

Saturday-Sunday will be scheduled.